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#YangGang Fever

There’s a lot of problems with the “other side” of the political aisle. Medicare for all is a band aid at best, UBI sure seems like a challenge to work out economically, and they certainly aren’t good about guns. The backlash to #YangGang support is far from unexpected. The fact that many on our side came from libertarianism likely plays a big role as well.

Those who are getting upset are really missing the point of #YangGang. Let’s be honest, even if Yang gets elected, we’ll get UBI like we got the wall. Tricky subjects are much easier to bring up with Yang in the picture. There isn’t a single politician besides Yang that addresses white people directly, without apology. Is it not easier to bring up the subject of white identity if there’s someone else talking about it openly?

The degree of emotional investment in US politics on our side is almost concerning. Have we not learned our lesson with Trump? The idea that our plan for survival should hinge on a presidential election is laughable at best, dangerous if people take it seriously. While many will say that we should invest in the political system and also ready backup plans, that is really just a big cope. We should view the political theater as exactly that, a theater.

Current events and the latest political developments should certainly influence our talking point, but we need a more stoic outlook. We can do amazing things outside the political realm, things that will ultimately save our people. First, we need to reframe our perspective on the current paradigm. The blackpill isn’t doom and gloom, it’s a new beginning.