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Letting Go

So much conflict in our circles arises from disagreements about American politics. People can’t agree on the policies we should implement, the messaging we should use, and the politicians we should support. Much of this stems from an emotional investment in the state of American politics. For many, they’re happy when politics are in our favor, and they’re sad when politics is working against us.

This is not a necessary paradigm by any means. We need to abandon our emotional investment in the formal nation and instead direct that towards our own people. The future of American politics is too uncertain for us to rely on, we need a post-America mindset. If we consider ourselves separate from the formal political system, we can take a calm, stoic approach to politics. It will allow us to make strategic decisions when engaging in the political realm, rather than idealistic ones. We will not need to be mindful of the continued success of the political system, and instead are free advance our own interests at all cost.

Instead of investing in the political system, we should invest in our local communities. Network with like minded people in your area. Work towards becoming self sufficient. Get yourself into a position of influence. Build support networks for the tough times. Build networks of friendly lawyers in case of legal issues. Train your body and mind with close friends. Develop new skills. Take personal responsibility for our future.

This isn’t to say that we should abandon the subject of politics entirely, far from it. We just need to reframe our perspective on the political system. It’s broken, corrupt, and 100% opposed to our interests. It’s time to shake off the Stockholm syndrome and acknowledge reality so that we can face it head on. Our enemies want us caught up in pointless political theater. Don’t let them win.