The YangGang debacle has taken a rather interesting turn and rekindled the acceleration debate all over again. Yet another divide is taking place between Yang detractors and supporters. Yang supporters have largely brushed off their critics by chalking the reasoning up to accelerationism. While that’s not a lie, it leaves too much room for the critic’s imagination. They simply assume the worst stereotype.

Typically, accelerationism is associated with groups like AWD and some libertarian circles like “collapsitarians” and ancaps. They argue that we need to side with the left in order to hurry along the collapse so that a new order may rise from the ashes. Imagery of skulls and burning cities are often evoked, and it’s rare that they present have a plan for the aftermath. It’s easy to see why many people are opposed to this.

Accelerationism isn’t always doom and gloom though. I would assert that there’s another form we can call paralleleration. Explained simply, we must build a parallel society and accelerate the decline of our current society in order to push people in our direction. To put it another way, we need to build our own communities and infrastructure so they will be unaffected by the acceleration of broader society. This way we will have a thriving, healthy society in the midst of a larger decline.

Some would argue that we just need to delay the inevitable so we have more time to build, but people don’t do anything without active pressure. The alt-right didn’t move to encrypted, uncensorable communication platforms until our networks started getting broken up and censored. We didn’t make a serious effort to establish our own financial system until people were cut off from the current system. Ultimately, action needs to be compelled, not argued for. After all, necessity is the mother of invention.