Hello, I usually go by SoCo. For a brief time in early 2019, I ran a YouTube live streaming show through Heel Turn. When Heel Turn shut down, I set up this website to promote the same ideas that I was promoting on the show. Wholehearted involvement in the movement began for me in 2016, and I quickly made the step into real world activism and networking. People often tell me that they have no real world friends who share the same beliefs, and that must be an incredibly restrictive mindset. I would like all of us to have strong networks of like minded folks who share the same beliefs, and I’ll do whatever I can to help that along.


Blackpill Therapy is an experimental project, intended to promote critical concepts to the grassroots right wing in the United States. We’re at a critical time in our people’s history, and we can choose to go many different directions. With the right mindset, skills, and goals, we will take the path to victory.

If you would like to donate to this effort, BTC can be sent to: 3MHxemdtxM69nST29ocpB1KWGBt7mUaXkJ